Decentralized Exchange


One of the main problems of the cryptocurrency exchange market is the lack of liquidity due to its concentration on the popular platforms, as well as it gets blur due to the growing number of exchanges, tokens and base currencies (USDT, USD, EUR, CFH, etc.).
The creation of Qurrex DEX consisted primarily in the consolidation of the cryptocurrency trading markets by combining exchanges into a single network and creation of the aggregated order book and a liquidity pool.

To achieve this goal, our team solves two problems: the creation of economic conditions for the involvement of liquidity providers and development of technological infrastructure.

In our concept, the economic stimulation of liquidity providers is implemented by redistributing the part of the exchange commission in their favor in the case of using the aggregated orders and getting of 100% commission on transactions if orders executed in the local order book.

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The technological infrastructure consists of the following elements:

(i) internaliser (master/liquidity node) is a system which is connected directly to Centralized Exchange by FIX/FAST protocols, providing services to create local liquidity and aggregate it with Centralized Exchange liquidity. This allows to serve own clients and to get the best execution of client orders.

(ii) electronic communication network (ECN) — off-chain transaction system that combines all internalisers and Centralized Exchange, routes and executes orders, allows make deals between internalisers without Centralized Exchnage.

(iii) blockchain network — on-chain transaction system that provides mutual settlements between all network participants, separate cryptocurrency storage from Centralized Exchange, as well as the maintenance of transaction register.

At the first stage, the capacity of such system can reach up to 1000 participants, next, the unification of participants will take place through the creation of dual rank network — centralized exchanges at the first level, internalisers which are connected directly to certain centralized exchanges at the second.

With Decentralized Exchange it is possible to unite centralized exchanges into one network, connect big and medium liquidity providers: mining pools, cryptocurrency holders, projects with their own cryptocurrency, medium and small brokers managing their own client base.

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