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Just 2 minutes about what is Qurrex. Enjoy

News & Announcements

Qurrex public token sale: reserve your tokens right now

At the end of last March we announced open sale postpone to the May of 2018. The main reason is investor’s great interest for the Qurrex project. So we need additional time for final token sale preparation.

This time will be used for negotiations with institutional investors which are ready to support the hybrid exchange with sufficient investments volume. Early investors will get Qurrex tokens. If the negotiations will be successful (probability is pretty high — more than 99%) there are will be less available tokens for token sale participants. This is because early investors get tokens for their funds and they will obtain QRX first.


UPD: Qurrex’s referral program is renewed

Get even more out of your social connections to join one of the most anticipated ICOs of 2018!

We are glad to announce our renewed referral program

From now on, our referral program is available to every registered user, offering 7% extra tokens for you and 3% from all contributions of your referrals — for your friend.


4 Main Capabilities of QRX Token

In the previous two posts we discussed the value of Qurrex cryptocurrency exchange token for the users of centralized and decentralized segments of the platform.

In this post we will summarize all that has been said by outlining the capabilities granted by the token to the exchange users — both DEX and CEX segments.


Qurrex and Andromeda Group announce strategic partnership and 5 mln US dollars deal

Qurrex, a first of its kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Andromeda Group. Through this partnership, Qurrex aims to expand and enhance market making, OTC desk operations, listing exchanges and attracting crypto investors. Andromeda Group has announced that the total transaction amount of the deal exceeds 5 million US dollars. Andromeda Group intends to develop future fundraising strategies, assist with the fundraising process and with business development strategy and commercial partnerships.


QURREX Integrating Bancor Protocol to Provide Token Liquidity for Crypto Currency Buyers

We are now announcing the integration of the Bancor Protocol to provide continuous liquidity for Qurrex’s Hybrid D(C)EX platform.


Chairman of Qurrex's Supervisory Board Joins Qurrex Team Leaders

We are excited to announce that Konstantin Sviridenko has joined Qurrex’s team as Chief Business Development Officer.


Big news: Qurrex CEX matching module is now available for load test

If you wish to participate in the creation of a new generation exchange join the test process now! Just e-mail to: [email protected].

Qurrex Token Pre-sale Starts February 7th with Non-Public Offering To Whitelist Participants

We at, first of its kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, are excited to announce the start of a private token pre-sale.

Key features

High-End Performance, Scalable and Reliable Core Exchange M­od­ule

  • Throughput >=70,000 trx/sec.
  • Latency: <= 650μs at 99%
  • Capacity >= millions of connections
  • Zero loss of data

Hybrid Infrastructure

Integration of CEX and DEX with the Single Order Book

  • CEX with high-end performance for algo- and HFT-traders
  • DEX with high liquidity of Single Order Book

Next-Gen Security Level

  • Security System Infrastructure of Traditional Exchanges
  • Secure «cold» storage
  • «Hot» wallets’ insurance programs
  • Supervision by recognized IT Security Company

Broad Functionality

  • Algo trading functionality embedded in GUI
  • Auto-copying of trading signals
  • Wide range of analytics tools & charts
  • Social Trading Segment
  • Information Services (Real-Time Market Data Sources and Analytics)
  • Non-Trading Segment (Corporate Services, Market Technology, Trade Management Services)


We plan to provide Qurrex with high liquidity thanks to:

  • Cooperation with major liquidity providers
  • Qurrex’s sufficient liquidity fund
  • Best practice in launching new instruments


We will be the first at cryptomarket acting as traditional public company

  • Maximum formalization of all processes (rulebook etc.)
  • Regular disclosure of financial statements and reports
  • Annual audit by Big 4

Hybrid architecture

Synergy of:

Blockchain technology - ensures secure storage, eliminates intermediary and provides aggregated liquidity from all network nodes, including the centralized node


Centralized node - centralized exhange (CEX) with performance comparable to modern, cutting edge stock exchanges

The featured functions of the hybrid exchange:
  • formation of an aggregated order book based on quotes collected from all the system’s nodes (both the centralized and decentralized nodes);
  • dissemination of the aggregated order book to the blockchain nodes;
  • choice of the blockchain nodes with the best instrument prices/quotes to place the order submitted by a client (if the order is not marketable, it is entered in the order book of the original system node);
  • sending the order to the selected system node (for marketable order); entry of information on the order into the blockchain (for queuing order);
  • receipt of execution confirmation.
Best execution logic:

Each node of the hybrid exchange provides the Best Execution service to the user. Broker companies operating in countries with a developed financial market are obliged to provide the Best Execution service. In Qurrex this service is implemented by a special module – Smart Order Router, which is part of all the blockchain nodes, incluing the centralized (CEX) node.

Qurrex DEX blockchain is built of two types of nodes: confirming nodes and user nodes. The DEX protocol allows confirming nodes to charge other nodes a commission for the deals and transactions. The commission is charged in the deals's (transaction's) cryptocurrency.

There is a special kind of trading orders: DEX Cross-Chain cross-platform atomic orders (transactions). Cross-platform orders are charged just once, when being placed on decentralized nodes. Such orders are included in blocks as DEX transactions, while the confirming nodes charge their commission.

Qurrex founds special cryptocurrencies (qBTC, qETH). A trader can exchange these cryptocurrencies through DEX and his trades are to be charged for the deals theirselves, not for separate blockchain transactions.

Just few minutes about what is Hybrid Architecture. Enjoy


  • 2001-2014
    Legacy Product
  • NOV 2017
    Qurrex prototype
  • FEB-JUN 2018
  • JUN 2019
    Qurrex trading functional
  • SEP 2019
    Social trading services
  • DEC 2019
    Hybrid platform
  • Legacy Product

    Since 2001, several protocols and implementations of electronic trading have been developed and adopted. In terms of speed and performance characteristics, the current version of the central link for processing trading orders is close to leading industry solutions.

    2013: TradeSharp, a trading and analytics platform, was developed by the Qurrex developer team. Unique methods and algorithms were implemented and tested in TradeSharp: batch testing of automated trade systems, auto-balancing trade signal portfolios, customizable technical analysis tools.

  • Qurrex prototype

    An internal protocol for trade transactions was approved.

    A scalable, fault-tolerant architecture for a multi-user terminal was designed and built.

    A prototype of the system’s central link was developed.

  • Token-sale

    Token symbol: QRX

    Token standard: ERC20

    Token type: utility

    Total token supply: 70m

    Total token for sale: 55m

    Total token for pre-sale: 17m

    Country of incorporation - Cayman Islands

  • Qurrex trading functional

    Obtaining CSSF license for providing broker services on the cryptocurrency market

    Integration with pay systems, a user dashboard, and acceptance of fiat currencies.

    Marginal trading with cryptocurrency pairs, fiat currencies, and other assets

    API connection for placing trade orders and receiving market data

    Algorithm trading in the Qurrex web terminal

    Analytical services and infographics on the Qurrex portal

  • Social trading services

    Ratings of trade strategies in the Qurrex terminal

    Transaction copying service for managing traders

    The Qurrex info portal, a base for trading algorithms and embedded scripts

    Back-end services for Qurrex’s corporate clients and brokers

  • Hybrid platform

    Opening of representative offices in additional jurisdictions

    Registration of Qurrex’s DEX nodes

    Integration of the DEX trading segment into the web platform

    Incorporation of DEX liquidity into the trade order register of the exchange

Token Sale Structure

Token distribution
Crowdsale funds distribution

Team leaders

Matthijs Johan Lek

Founder and CEO

Mathijs Johan has worked in finance for 20 years, including investment banking, brokerage, and business development.Under his lead there is a team of traders and advisors with wide experience on FX market, development of trading strategies, algorithms, trading robots. Over the recent years, the team has been actively trading on the cryptocurrency market.

Slava Baikalov

Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder

Slava for 10+ years specializes in corporate finance, investment banking, investment analysis, M&A and fundraising. Few years ago he became the crypto-enthusiast and cryptotrader

Andrey Sitaev


Andrey’s team comprises 17 frontend and backend developers with a remarkable software development background.Andrey and his team focus on .NET framework and have been successfully implementing margin trading algorithms since 2008. Andrey has led development of a Forex analytical / trading platform TradeSharp.

Alexander Bobryshev

Product Manager

Has experience in design and development of high-loaded systems, embeddable and server solutions, antivirus software, information security systems. Also participated in development more than 50 projects, including: payment service transport system ASK-PAY, antivirus software (Kaspersky Security Scanner, Kaspersky Antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Update Utility), components of transport monitoring system (TOne-Suite), biometric identification system (Hitachi H-1), economic news service (PRIME)

Vladimir Tsarkov

IT Project Manager

Vladimir has been working in different IT fields for more than 15 years, including SW development and management, extremely high loaded products development, releasing and supporting for Telcos and MNOs: IBM, HP, AT&T, Swisscom, Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, SFR, China Mobile, Aricent, Hitachi, Fujitsu, NEC, Singtel, Axiata and others. In meantime, he was in time to acquire two IT patents in network and business optimization technologies. Mature experience in development processes building and execution does allow to organize steady product movement.

Ivan Serikov

Back office Architect

Ivan has over 10 yrs experience as solution architect and team leader in implementation of CRM systems at large scale companies of different industries (from financial institutions to airplane companies). He focuses on automation of business processes based on Oracle products stack (Siebel CRM, BI). Ivan also participated in Big Data projects for large-scale airline company.

Evgeny Shirokonosov


Eight years of technical development expertise. He has experience in the development of antivirus software, medical simulators, highly loaded systems. Previously with Kaspersky Lab, NeuroX, TOne and Eidos. His expertise includes C++, .NET and Java.

Ismet Khayali


Eight years’ of technical development expertise. He worked as an engineer at Kaspersky Lab, TOne Group. He has deep knowledge and experience in entertainment technical development. His expertise includes full Microsoft Technology Stack.

Oleksandr Dubyna

R&D Team Lead

Lead Engineer with more than 10 years experience in IT, has more than 30 successful projects. Working experience in largest international and state companies, like Accenture, MotorSich, Pacific Northwest Software and others gathered the expertise in systems architecture, analytics and optimization inventions.

Maksim Rodionov


A web programmer with extensive experience developing a variety of systems. I managed to work in large Russian holdings such as:, Rambler&Co and in other lesser known holdings. Also in large media: RBTH and RG. Maxim is mainly engaged in the development of high-load projects and microservices. In his work he uses golang, Node.js and all the possibilities of a javascript ecosystem.

Karine Gabrielyan

Head of Sales

Karine Gabrielyan has been working in the financial sector since 2005 and started her career at the RTS Stock Exchange where she was responsible for the derivatives market development. In 2012 she moved from the exchange which at the time after the merge had become the Moscow Exchange, to one of the top Russian brokers where she was responsible for the brokerage business development as well as cooperation with the exchanges the broker was connected to.

Markel Baykalov

Director of Corporate Development and New Projects

Markel holds a Master of Laws degree and has over 9 years experience in the field of law and corporate management and development. Since December 2015 he had leaded the corporate office and had been responsible for start up of new projects in RTS companies group (stock market, clearing company, bank) in the capacity of Corporate Development and New Projects Director. In December 2017 he joined the Qurrex team as the Corporate Management Director. Markel is deeply specialized in the field of exchange markets, credit organizations, financial institutions, P2P and B2P services operation. During his professional career in the field of corporate management and development he supported a series of M&A and IPO deals, which cost exceeded $7 billion. During his work in Moscow Exchange and RTS companies groups Markel provided legal support of new financial (exchange traded) products and new projects (Voskhod Investment System and CryptoVoskhod) start ups.

Kirill Gotovtsev


The oldest professional of advertizing in Russian Internet For 25 years Kirill is engaged in communications of hundreds companies. His clients list includes not only high-technology financial startups but also large conservative projects. Last two years Kirill consult more than 6 cryptoprojects. He is a head of department of marketing in Qurrex.

Yury Panov

head of marketing strategy

Yury is a head of strategy planning in BBDO Russia Group (CIS representative office of the world's biggest and most awarded advertising agency). He has been working in branding and advertising industry since 2007. During this time he developed effective strategies for leading russian brands in FMCG (PepsiCo, Mars), telecom (Veon, MTS), retail (IKEA, X5 Retail Group), finance (VTB, Soglasie) and other categories. Yury is a lecturer and jury member in the Wordshop Academy - the world's best advertising school (in 2017) and member of the Russian EFFIE jury.

And Developers Team

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Advisors & Partners

Dmitry Lavrov

Asset Manager

Dmitriy Lavrov is a professional trader, technical analyst and money manager with 10 years trading experience. The main covered markets are Forex, Commodity, Cryptocurrency. Provides personal education for those who are interested in profitable trading. Entries in TOP 10 among TradingView authors.

Stas Oskin


Stas Oskin leads the technology strategy and partnerships effort for the WINGS Foundation, a Swiss non-profit focused on decentralized finance and governance systems. Stas has over 15 years of extensive experience in engineering, development and management of software, cloud services, healthcare, video streaming, blockchain, and social products and services. Stas describes himself as an entrepreneur, Crypto enthusiast and a Life hacker

Stephen Drew


20 years experience in investment banking, fintech, & real estate. Last 3 years investing and trading crypto currencies. Worked on Wall Street for 10+ years in trading and investment banking. Stephen has raised over $1 billion in financing for his clients, ranging from small to medium size companies. With CGC Stephen oversees the day to day operation of the fund from analyzing investments to speaking with high net worth individuals and family offices. Member Yale Club NYC.

Wilhelm Beller

Institutional Relationship Advisor

Wilhelm has two decades of experience in finance, holding various executive positions in London, Frankfurt and Moscow. He has been heading departments for both equity and derivatives trading for major investment banks including names like Citigroup, Unicredit, and Sberbank CIB. His geographic trading focus has been emerging economies such as, Middle East, Africa, CEE countries and previously Western Europe. Since leaving the investment banking world has he gotten very actively involved in crypto currency markets, running managed accounts and providing ICO advisory to clients and corporations.

Alexey Troshin

B2IT Financial Advisor

Alexey has more than 13 years of SW development management, direct practical experience in highly loaded B2B solutions, banking and finally C-level position in big financial corporation - all that gives unique knowledge base to provide high performance, load capabilities and persistence for hybrid exchange systems.

Darya Petrovskaya

B2IT Exhange Advisor

Darya has become a director of big business & development teams in bank, trading & exchange sectors after growing up from senior SW developer. Up to 20 years of excellent evolution did give an experience combines the unique mixture of core knowledge and wide business & commercial fields to lift up quite a few major products. Including stock exchange systems. Final goal is the automation of brokerage services & related products' improvements.

Brian Konradi

Legal advisor

Among other projects, Brian advised e-commerce company, KupiKupon, as their in-house international general counsel in 2011. Representing clients in the US and Russian markets, he founded the boutique law firm, Danilov & Konradi LLP with former Akin Gump colleague, Andrei Danilov. In 2016 The Legal 500 included Brian in the list of recommended lawyers for Corporate/M&A in Russia noting him as a "superb dealmaker.”

Ori Levy


Ori Levy is a digital marketer with over 10 years of experience in PR, SEO, and content marketing. He is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who has been trading the markets for several years. Ori has been involved behind the scenes in a countless number of successful marketing and business development ventures, and has advised many ICOs and blockchain startups in 2017. Founding Block51 in 2018, Ori has been involved in the early stages of a number of prominent ICOs and has, to date, been the catalyst for millions of dollars worth of investment.

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